Projects / Programs

Sample Pilot Projects

Barinu Institute  Electrification Project

Almost 700 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa are without electricity or use very expensive and environmentally damaging forms of energy . Barinu Institute seeks to solve this energy problem by promoting innovative  and less environmentally damaging and sustainable forms of energy.  




Barinu Institute Hybrid City Project 2015-2020
Barinu Institute to spearhead construction of six hybrid cities that will serve as model cities of the future at the cost of  80 billion dollars. Cities can be instruments and elements of wealth creation, creativity and psychic energy. However in today's world they are more often than not dysfunctional, consumers of  large resources, dominions of  poverty and sources of pollution. Hence they pose direct and indirect risks to their inhabitants. The growth of poverty in cities is indeed troubling. The hybrid city must be intelligent, efficient, environmentally friendly , sustainable, aesthetic and a source of wealth creation. 

Vocational Training  for Women and Girls 2015-2020

Barinu Institute to set up 300 vocational training centers for  disadvantaged women and girls  in Asia, Africa and Central America.



Barinu Institute Infrastructure  and Agricultural Projects 2015-2020

BIFED is seeking to assist in develop an integrated agricultural value-chain project through the formation of producer cluster cooperatives and trader networks and associations in the country of Sierra Leone, which in 2008 was ranked the seventh poorest country in the world with the lowest aggregate score on the human development index.
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Barinu Institute to assist in the environmental clean up of Eleme, Tai, and Gokana local government areas of Rivers State, Nigeria.

Barinu Institute will set up a Virtual and Mobile Clinic Center  on Tropical Diseases in the West African Sub-Region

Barinu Institute will expand its from farm to market place to Ghana, Kenya,  Uganda and Tanzania. Large scale farming, storage, transportation and export of grains

Barinu Institute for Economic Development is committed to reducing poverty all around the world regardless of geographical space and undertakes projects wherever there is extreme poverty.
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