Executive Education

Barinu Institute offers Certificates in Budgeting Mangement, Workforce Management, IT Management, Negotiations and Conflict Mediation. For customized scheduling and pricing schedule send email to info@barinuinstitute.com

Barinu Institute International  Executive  Certificate Program  2020 Schedule

Course                                              Course No:                   Time                                              Location                          Tuition

Project Management                          PRM. 023                    September 15-18, 2020                 New York, USA                 $3,565

Branding and Effective Leadership      BEL. 066                     September 25-30, 2020                 New York, USA                 $3,365 

Natural Resource Management           NRM.128                    October 6-9, 2020                         New York, USA                 $3,256

Strategic Energy Management            SEM. 019                    October 19-23,2020                       Toronto, Canada              $5,583  

Financial Literacy for Women              FLW. 066                    November 2-5, 2020                       New York,  USA               $5,565

Local Government Training                 LGT.108                     November 16-20, 2020                   New York, USA                $6,363 

Small Business Management               SBM.020                     December 1-5, 2020                       New York, USA                $6,365

Contact  Barinu Institute Executive Education at  edu@barinuinstitute.com for more information