Barinu institute for economic development
Mission Statement:
Barinu Institute For Economic Development is committed to eliminating extreme poverty in the    poorest regions of  the world through economic development  by providing  infrastructure development and practical educational training. 

Barinu Institute For Economic Development is a global educational institution and  project based non-profit  organization  that was founded with the sole purpose of  contributing to the economic development of the poorest regions of  the world. Though we believe, encourage and participate in humanitarian aid and relief,  we belief  it is a temporary solution and in no way a permanent solution to the extreme poverty plaguing a good part of  Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and some parts of Central America.  Our solution consists of  two approaches:  infrastructure development and educational or technical training.

Infrastructure development:

It is good to provide seedlings and fertilizers to farmers in the poor regions of the world to grow crops, but if  there are no roads or bridges for them to take their crops to the markets for sale, then the farmers may not be able to enjoy the full economic benefits of their harvest. That is why one of our  focus is to build roads and bridges in these regions.

Just providing medicines and vaccines to these poor regions is inadequate ; medical professionals may not be able to effectively perform their jobs without basic facilities to operate from ; that is why our other focus is renovating or building basic medical facilities from which medical personnels can operate from.

There is a saying that goes like this;  " Give a man a fish and you save him for a day but teach him to fish and you save his life ."  Therefore our goal is not merely to provide materials needed for the short-term but also to provide the necessary educational training needed for the people of  these regions to become self sustaining.